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Friday Night Is Teachers Night


So there we were, planning the whole week for the day when we dine and let our gastronomical adventure kick off the moment the last bell for the week rang. We were all buzzing with excitement as to who would have the most number of plates stacked up the table. But little did we know, that the glorious plan would later be halted since the restaurant has been sadly closed the moment we saw the gut wrenching white ply boards stretched all throughout the area where our target restaurant once stood.

But thankfully Superbowl of China came to the rescue. We entered the place, smelled the aroma of happiness as it lead us to our table. A few moments later, we found ourselves in silence and only the sound of fork and spoon scraping the plates are heard. I’ve always loved Chinese food specially when it’s something that I am not familiar with. Whenever we dine out, I was always bound to order the weirdest dish in the menu. The harder it is pronounced the more my stomach churns for it. So far my choices has never failed me.


My sister shot me a curious look as I ordered once again my favorite dish in this place. Fried fish on tausi. The first time my teeth sank in its tender meat, it was love at first taste. The taste of the sea dances around that hint of sweetness along with some other tastes that complements each other so perfectly well. Yes there are other food on the table but as they say, First love never dies. Of course, each table in every Chinese restaurant will never be seen without some dumplings. Whoever thought of frying dumplings for the first time is a genius.


Okay, I am not going to give full details of all the dishes that we ravaged in this restaurant since a friend of mine once told me that my blog’s contents are just way too long for someone to read. So I just decided to give the whole table, So feast your eyes on this.


People may seem to doubt that all of those food couldn’t be possibly finished by six people. But alas! They all did what they came for. It would be perfect if the night would end in a quiet café while sipping hot tea and an array of pastries like these:


But unfortunately we didn’t. But instead, we all traded those possible sweet moments with the second best invention of man next to fire. which isn’t half bad if I may add.



A long hiatus from blogging


It has been a while since I’ve last updated my blog. And now I’m back with more experience, a few more years older and better outlook in life, scars and all. I am very excited to be back here in my blog site with all the thoughts buzzing inside this little head of mine. I will try to post as much as I can about every single step that I have made ever since my last published work.

Cool Off: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

When life shuts a door, a window opens up somewhere… That is by far one of the most comforting phrases one could tell someone in times of crisis. Whatever life throws at us, there are many ways to cope and dodge as long as were aware of what we are doing, where we are headed and what is the back up plan. In relationships starting to get that sour taste, the best option for every couple is to get real and evaluate if their future is still worth fighting for. Some goes through counselling to save whatever is still worth saving while other’s finds it healthier to just face the reality and part ways before things blows up in proportion.

Yet there is this other “ritual” that many considers to be a wildcard, that even I personally find to be an uncertain ground to decide the future. When both decided a cool off it could mean many things, some of the reasons could be either both needs time apart from each other, or one already has the intentions of breaking it up yet still finds it difficult to let go and has hesitations so why not extend a little and see if the weather changes. But whatever reasons each has for doing it doesn’t provide any assurance that all will be well in the end. The population is separated into thinking that a cool off saves a relationships while the other half sees no point in doing so.

Mutual understanding should be provided from both individuals before stepping into this cool off ritual, and rules are definitely a must in order to ensure the success rate or at least prevent both from dire confusions and mistakes that could lead them in a much worse situation from what they are already in. I wouldn’t call these “guide rules” to be conventional but as long as it could shed a guiding light into the tricky turns and curves of the almost vague cool off path ahead, then feel free to read through the list below:

The Good

1. Focus on what needs to be dealt with

Identifying the reasons on why you ended up in this situation in the first place and admitting to yourself that you have contributed in a specific problem is always a good start. It takes two to tango. So there’s no such thing as solely blaming a mistake on just one person. Knowing what needs to be dealt with regarding issues with one another, or your own personal problems that seems to prevent you from making a compromise to your partner is always the way to go. This is the time to see what you can do to make things better for both of you without the hassles of obligations in a relationship, so take the opportunity while the cool off period lasts.

2. Get Real

For every identified problem, there will always be solutions, and it should always be realistic. Learn to see the big picture when you think of ways to cope. Always consider the  short and long term effects for every plan and weigh your options on what is the lesser evil.

3. Get yourself occupied, NEVER with someone else

When one finds himself in a cool off situation, that dreaded “fear of the unknown” will always linger in one’s mind. You will always be exposed to negative thoughts of what could happen in a week, will she still love me after this, or will this cool off thing eventually fizzle down to a break up. Get your mind off these thoughts because it wont help you with anything. Keep yourself busy at work, try to be productive everyday, spend time with friends and family without constantly talking about your cool off situation. Do whatever that could take the edge off except for getting yourself involved with someone since its considered immature, will likely affect your decision factor when the big day comes, and would be unfair to the one other person and to your partner. Remember, there’s a thin line between liking someone from actually going out on a date with that other someone.

4. Improve Thyself

So while you’re out there keeping yourself busy, why not learn a new thing or two. It would definitely keep your mind off your situation plus you’ll get to improve yourself mentally and physically. Always keep in mind that every experience is an opportunity for learning  and improvement. Do it firstly for yourself and then for your partner as well. Improving oneself brings about that feel good part of you. Never waste your time moping in the corner. Its still your life, not his.

5. Acknowledge, Acknowledge, Acknowledge

There will always come a time when your partner could just send you a text message or an email telling your faults in the relationship, mixed with some snide comments and coated in the  obvious stench of sarcasm. But dont get alarmed, and keep your defenses down. Listen to what your partner has to say. If you still dont know how to comment or even react to their message, simply reply with “I have received your message, thank you for being honest, I acknowledge everything with what you have to say, I will be thinking about every single one of them and I will give you my reply soon”. Short, detailed, honest and sensitive those are the four things that one needs to consider when making comments of what your partner has shared.

Sometimes, people doesn’t need to hear answers and apologies, given the fact that some of us has difficulty providing these, yet one sure fact is that people needs to be acknowledged. To let them know that they are heard and appreciated for what they have done and understood for what they lack. Acknowledging IS listening, to listen is to face the truth, and to face the truth is to know that it takes two to tango, that there are faults on both sides, once identified, both can start from there in an attempt to fix what is still fixable.

Stay tuned for the next part of my post, Up next.. lets focus on “The Bad”. Feel free to comment or suggest anything you want to add up on either “The Good”, or “The Bad”.

Thank You!


“Our difference is what makes us human”

This is a follow up on my 12th of January post entitled “Confide in Me”. I’m not expecting that much  that people would come writing to me that soon, but so far I already received five emails from people seeking my advice. I know its not much but man am I just blown away at the fact that people are willing to trust me to help them with their ordeals. Of course I’m not going to reveal who these people are and the nature of their problems but rest assured they are problems that we all get to encounter in our everyday lives.

While some shared their problems, others wrote to me to share their thoughts on some ideals that they would like to know what my opinions are with theirs. So basically its all about picking our brains out throughout the whole exchange of emails. Its quite liberating to be able to open myself onto other’s point of view, these people came from different walks of life and yet somehow there comes a time wherein we cross paths and find ourselves on the same plane of thought wherein our experiences and trials eventually brings us together.

For those that I find quite inspirational and would definitely help others. I asked for their permission if I could post their experiences here on my blog, of course it will be treated in the utmost confidentiality given that their name will not be given and no specifics will be written as well. But unfortunately they declined the offer. And I respect their decision. But given the choice I wouldn’t mind sharing my own experience as long as it could help others cope with their own ordeals.

So for those brave five that entrusted themselves to my advices, I express my deepest gratitude for letting me into a part of your lives and learning so much from you. Although some of you has not given me your names, that would never be a problem, that is the whole point of what I do here. Anonymity is the key to what I do here. There will never be any obligations for you to reveal any specific details about yourselves including your names, I’m already contented on what you all have to share. I hope whatever help I have given would go a long way. I will always be open for updates from you guys.

When the Death Bear Comes

“The hottest love has the coldest end” -Socrates


You spend your day prancing and hectic with all the activities that needs to be done, that somehow it will make you jaded with everything that is happening around you. You come home anticipating to touch the doorknob of your room so you can lay in bed blissfully as you drift to relaxation. And for you its the utmost ideal way to end the day.

Until.. you rummage through some of your stuff in your room before you lie in bed, and somehow in between the stack of magazines and the lamp shade, there it was, your ex boyfriend’s favorite shades. And before you know it the gate of your past opens up and floods down on you with its cold memories violently rushing past every single muscle in your body and you are frozen at that moment at that very spot in your room. Just when you thought you’ve already hidden all the evidences safely way back in your closet, somehow it managed to appear in your desk.

We all had this experience one way or another, when we deliberately hide all the evidences of those past relationship we once had with someone. Your ex’s old photos, clothes, mementos and letters, even the premiere tickets to a movie the two of you have seen. These objects, once having warm memories attached to them now only brings forth cold jabs in your stomach. We move on with our lives putting all the past behind, and just when we thought we already coped for good. These evidences somehow pops out of nowhere, we end up forced to look back into those memories when we are the happiest, and we end up surprised as to why we are still affected by them even after all this time and we question ourselves if we have really moved on.

While browsing through some inspiration for a new post in my blog i ran into this column online about a man who calls himself  “Death Bear” and gives service to the bereft and the brokenhearted in Brooklyn, USA. And the kind of help that he provides doesn’t involve counselling and advice giving. Once he gets a call, he puts on his black jumpsuit, boots and a shiny, hard, black bear head and heads down to the address. He knocks to the doors who seeks his service, some people will just be surprised on how tall Death Bear is (7 feet tall) and these people will give him all the mementos they had from their past lovers. From framed pictures of their ex, used clothes and letters, everything will have to go. As long as it would alleviate whatever painful memories these objects has been triggering. Some would even cry while handling the things they’re giving away to death bear, and he in return just stays quiet, not a word spoken as he spreads his hands to receive all that you need to give away. Once they express their gratitude to death bear the only words he will be answering would be “Youre welcome, I hope that I am helpful to you in some way.”

“Death Bear will take things from you that trigger painful memories and stow them away in his cave where they will remain forever, allowing you to move on with your life. Give him an ex’s clothes, old photos, mementos, letters, etc. Death Bear is here to assist you in your time of tragedy, heartbreak and loss.”

Death Bear doesn’t charge for his services, although some gives him tips. The weirdest stuff that he was ever given was a pair of oversized panties and an old cellphone containing all the text messages of a woman’s ex boyfriend. Its all symbolic really, like surrendering these heavy memories out into the void ensured that it will never haunt us again by showing out of nowhere.

Its just too bad that Death Bear only comes in Brooklyn and no other place in the world. Which means some of us will still have to cope old school. Of course once we break up ceremony has commenced we all do what we can to cope with the break up. In all the ways possible as long as it takes the edge off. Some of us seek comfort from friends and families while other’s prefer professional help depending on the seriousness of the situation and the coping mechanism of a person.

The key is to have as much healthy ways to manage these ordeals. So as much as we can we must avoid swimming in liquor , overeating, constantly having ideas to talk to your ex, rushing into the area of rebound where we engage in casual relationships just to numb the pain, what we dont know is that this style could easily backfire on you and leave you feeling even more alone, specially when doing anything too drastic — such as quitting a job or changing cities, I personally have done the foolish deed of quitting a job and planning on moving somewhere far so i wont always be haunted by memories every time i went pass a certain building or place where I used to spend much time with my ex. But then again, no matter how much running we attempt to get away from it all. The fact of the matter is we should face what needs to be done and get it over with. Life is way too short to wallow on  mourning and grieving.

Sometimes the hardest part would be ridding ourselves of these objects with cherished values, there is just no point in keeping them around, they will just be constant reminders of what we used to be.  Whatever we have lost in the past, there will always be lessons in them that will make us gain something in the future and we should cherish the lessons we learned and not the objects. Lets not wait around for a 7 foot dark figure in a black bear suit to knock on our door and rid of these things for us, we should have enough willpower to do it ourselves if we really want to get ahead as soon as possible.

The past maybe the anchor holding us back, that maybe you have to let go of who you were, to become who you will be.

Oh and just another thing, just for added information and a little humor:

The same guy that offers the service of Death Bear, also has another service he calls “Punch Me Panda”. Its when you need to vent out your anger and dying to punch something.. why not call Punch Me Panda. No matter how much punches and kicks you throw while you scream your lungs out from suppressed anger, it will be no problem for this 7 feet tall cuddly panda. He came prepared with all the necessary protective gear. Now THAT is helpful after giving out all your relationship junk to Death Bear. Maybe you and Punch Me Panda can come to some negotiation about sticking your ex’s picture in his face (for added motivation) as you swing away. Now that is clever.

The Seven Deadly Sins

A fresh new year is ahead of us and each of us has our own resolutions to make.. resolutions that could be thrilling enough since we all just love a challenge. I for one has shared to my readers what resolution ill have this year, its actually my very first post in this blog a few weeks ago. But besides from the resolutions we want to make.. we are still somehow predisposed to other new bad habits and deeds that could be candidates for next year’s resolution. WE are all good in nature yet sometimes its hard to keep the halo on top of our head at all times. We constantly yearn to be good in such a challenging world that deliberately pushes our buttons that we find ourselves overwhelmed with what’s surrounding us and sometimes, could even break whatever belief that we have over the good in other people.

Then there will always be those principles that guides us to at least try not to do wrong to others. From the experiences we’ve had that has taught us, or from some context in a book that we have read, down to the things we observe with other people that we sure wish could never happen to us. I’m sure everyone is familiar with the seven deadly sins, it has been taught to us when we are young so as to stop us from beating up our classmates, or squeezing the chocolate drink box of the ones that doesn’t want to give us a tiny sip from the straw.. well the last part was from my childhood naughty deeds, i could still vividly remember the look on my friend’s face when she was all covered in liquid chocolate after it came spurting out from the straw as I squeezed the box really hard, the girl wont give me a sip from her’s that’s why. Not really something to be proud of that’s for sure. Yet somehow we always thought that these seven things are all we need to refrain from doing to save our asses. What we fail to understand is that these are just origins of other sins. That from these seven sins.. could sprout some pretty shady deeds that we inevitably do in our everyday lives.


“Of the seven deadly sins, only envy is no fun at all” – Joseph Epstein

Envy will always begin as just a simple thought. Its okay to yearn for something that another has, its sadly a part of human nature as connected to satisfaction. But when the time comes that we feel resentment over something we don’t have while others has them.. then that’s enough to open a window envy is looking for to gain access inside of you.

If you have a rule that says “If I cant have it, then nobody will”, then you have a big problem. Whether it might be someone’s promotion to a job, a smoother skin, or something a simple as someone having an Hermés birkin bag while walking down the street with a jaw dropping hunk,  well.. i guess you just need to work a lot harder. The truth of the matter is, even though some had it easy while the rest of us needs to take it up a notch to work harder to have what we want, it doesn’t necessarily mean that their lives are better than us, a little different but not better. So try not to entertain envious thoughts. Neither should we express some form of pleasure when we see someone dealing with far more difficult ordeals than we have.

The character C.C Babcock from the comedy show The Nanny once said: “Whenever I feel down, I just simply think about my friends who never had an easy life and just how much they struggle with their lives.. and then I go visit them”. Its humorous yes but then again.. not exactly the most virtuous.

Envy can be directly related to the Ten Commandments, specifically “Neither shall you desire… anything that belongs to your neighbour”. In Dante’s Purgatory, the punishment for the envious is to have their eyes sewn shut with wire because they have gained sinful pleasure from seeing others brought low. Aquinas described envy as “sorrow for another’s good”. So what do we need to counter Envy?.. A good sense of Kindness.

So you’re walking down a street when suddenly this big hulking guy suddenly bumps on you’re shoulder with his so hard that you almost lost your balance as if you’re invisible and somehow hasn’t even bothered to look back at you to apologize, BAM! you look at him as he walks away from you, your ears suddenly gets warm and suddenly you find yourself helpless and cursing. Anger is a common situation that could inevitably occur everyday. Whether it could be in an instant or something that we’ve been carrying around for quite some time inside of us, boiling slowly to become hatred, then anger and voila, you feel like you need to hit something or find a pillow to smother your face with as you yell your lungs out. Those thoughts can be still considered healthy. Until… you start manifesting it by getting a little bit violent, that’s when wrath comes in. Its when you let yourself get consumed with that hot rod of emotions churning inside of you.

The problem with anger is that it grows if we lose control of it. In its purest form, provokes self-destructiveness, violence, and hate that may result to feuds that can go on for centuries.  Feelings of anger can manifest in different ways, including impatience and revenge.

Its when we are consumed over the fact that we know better.  We feel like we have been done wrong and we seek justice from it, only that is mixed with revenge and spite. In its original form, the sin of wrath also encompassed anger pointed internally and externally. Thus suicide was deemed as the ultimate, tragic expression of wrath directed inwardly, a final rejection of God’s gifts, while external expression of wrath could result to causing physical harm to others, violence that could also lead to more grievous act such as murder.

What we need to remind ourselves that we are the master of our own intellectual and emotional domain. That we shouldn’t let anger get the better out of us. Instead of constantly berating ourselves on how mistreated we’ve been, try to reason out what could be the reason behind it. To see the bigger picture of things, since anger could easily narrow down our field of reasoning. To breathe deeply and analyze the situation with rationality. Patience is the perfect virtue to give us a clearer view of what is in front of us.



The media today somehow has this blatant agenda of telling us what should be perceived as beautiful. Whether it could be the latest trend that anorexia is the new black, or could be widely different with each country, some country like mine sees that having a fair skin is something much preferred while in the United States, an olive toned, much darker skin is perceived as beautiful. But whatever preference we have, our difference is what makes us human and unique from each other. But when we start comparing ourselves to be far more superior to some, Vanity will definitely come knocking down your door. Vanity is the excessive belief in one’s own abilities or attractiveness to others.

While some suffer from lack of self esteem, some  has enough that it can be used as an energy source for a nuclear plant to power up China. Pride is the insufferable twin of Vanity. These two are considered to be impenetrable. In the movie The Devil’s Advocate, Satan expresses that among all the sins, vanity was his favorite. Simply because it is the easiest window that could leave us vulnerable to sin. We all are guilty of sometimes committing this act. When we feel like we are better than others or when we constantly yearn to be the best in everything. I for one do this as well, some of us aren’t even aware that we are already doing it. That is just how strongly pride can get a hold of us.

I have this friend in Facebook, this guy is indeed gifted with the looks and somehow what sets me off are the things he posts in his wall, he is always so vocal in posting situations where his looks are praised. In one of his posts he typed in: “I was at the gym one time when this girl asked me to take my picture, she said she only brought her SLR camera just to capture how good looking I am”, then there’s this other post. “I was at the grocery last week when two girls almost had an argument on who will be putting my groceries in the plastic bag”. It is sad to say that some people can be really THAT annoyingly vain. There’s this one time when I just couldn’t control myself from all the self loving posts this guy has been typing that I commented: “When someone sings his own praises, he always gets the tune too high”. Surprisingly many of his friends marked my comment as “Like”. So i guess I’m not the only one out there.

If we see ourselves as we are and not comparing ourselves to others is humility. Pride and vanity are competitive. If someone else’s pride really bothers you, then chances are, you have a lot of pride.

The neglect to take care of something that one should do, apathetic listlessness, depression without joy are some that defines Sloth. It is similar to melancholy, when we cant seem to decide on what to do first that we end up just giving up from exhaustion and not doing a single thing about it. Being at war with ourselves will always be present, as long as we choose just one instead of not choosing anything at all and letting things ride and hope that whatever comes will just do. We all deserve some form of R and R (rest and relaxation) against the constant demands of what the society expects of us. Yet as with everything, balance and moderation is the key.

And I’m not just talking about the physical act of laziness. Sloth comes in many varieties, when we choose not to help others because it will be way too bothersome on our part, or when just refuse to use and hone the God given abilities that we have. In early Christian thought, the lack of joy was regarded as a wilful refusal to enjoy the goodness of God and the world God created. We should always make sure to live about productively with each day that we live, to learn from the most simplest of experiences and to refrain from constantly being slack and resigned when faced with big issues to deal with or huge crisis to attend to. In trying times, our favorite phrase “bahala na” cannot help but be uttered like a silent prayer that things will get better and leave everything to chance, hence, no one will do their best to accomplish just that.


“The more we are filled with thoughts of lust the less we find true romantic love” -Douglas Horton-

Oh yes, the big Kahuna of all sins. Although its not for everyone yet some are convinced that it is innate in all of us. Lust is usually thought of as excessive thoughts or desires of a sexual nature, while an excessive love of others also goes within the definition of lust. This is very different from love in ways that it is more known to be an overwhelming feel of infatuation over someone. At one point or another, we have experienced this most seductive of all sins. Even some forms of media feeds off into tapping this bad ass of sin. From what we have observed, nowadays it is much more interesting when it has that touch on sensuality in it. People are bound to be intrigued when this element comes around, whether it may be from a commercial, to movies, to scandals and  even to the latest news when some famous personality is caught with pictures or videos doing the deed. Just when its supposed to be a private matter, once it goes public, its bound to be horded by the curious. Sex sells is what they all say. Countless advertisements uses sensuality as a main ingredient as we see these half naked men and women posing in billboards in all its 20 feet of glory.

It is also the sin that is mostly condemned by the Church. Fornication has always been a serious offense since the beginning of time. It is with no doubt that lust has always been accompanied by trouble.  I guess what makes this sin the most fascinating and hard to resist is the fact that something  so mysterious and taboo is sure to further ravage that burning curiosity to know or see more. Lust is the self-destructive drive for pleasure out of proportion to its worth. Sex, power, or image can be used well, but they tend to go out of control.

In Dante’s Purgatorio, the penitent walks within flames to purge himself of lustful/sexual thoughts and feelings. In Dante’s “Inferno”, unforgiven souls of the sin of lust are blown about in restless hurricane-like winds symbolic of their own lack of self control to their lustful passions in earthly life. Lets just hope these aren’t what is awaiting in the afterlife but just to be sure, it would be better to practice the virtue of chastity and self control.


I once told my sister, “If only we could eat without gaining a single pound and the with no risk of developing some health complication, then that would really be something”. Yet the fact that our body is just not made that way, must have some pretty good reasons behind it. I guess if we still eat considerable amount of food at every given point in time, chances are we are bound to end up as weight challenged individuals with heart conditions. But are those reasons enough to make us fear to over indulge? We are not causing harm to anyone, and its definitely nobody’s business when nobody seems to be affected by it. So how could it be a sin?

Gluttony is referred to as over-indulgence and over-consumption of anything to the point of waste. We are all In the Christian religions, it is considered a sin because of the excessive desire for food, or its withholding from the needy. So I guess its focusing more on our awareness that some who are less blessed are deprived to eat three decent square meals a day and somehow we should take it as a fact to value what we have in front of us and not to over-indulge. But of course gluttony isn’t just associated with just consuming food. That it could be connected with lust in which we spoil ourselves in unhealthy ways to the point that its already unnecessary to continuously indulge on a certain act. An act that could lead to something else far more grievous than to what it already is.

Depending on the culture, it can be seen as either a vice or a sign of status. Where food is relatively scarce, being able to eat well might be something to take pride in. But in an area where food is routinely plentiful, it may be considered a sign of self-control to resist the temptation to over-indulge. So what better ways to avoid over indulgence than to practice temperance as it accepts the natural limits of pleasures and preserves this natural balance. This does not pertain only to food, but also to entertainment and other legitimate goods…and even the company of others.


“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed” -Mahatma Gandhi-

Personally i see greed as the big bad wolf of all things evil. History has witnessed to what an amount of greed could do. Greed like lust and gluttony, a sin of excess. However, greed as seen by the church is applied to a very excessive or rapacious desire and pursuit of wealth, status, and power. Majority of the world’s crimes against humanity and against nature itself usually roots from greed. Many have suffered so that some can prosper.

Satisfaction has always been man’s weakest attribute. Everything has got to start somewhere. All of us wants something and from that yearning we strive hard to get there. WE all know that feeling once we finally have something we want. It has that overwhelming effect in us that somehow quenches that yearning we have. WE all just love that feeling, whether it may be something material or as substantial as a promotion to a job or when we finally get that validation we’ve always wanted. If only we can have some more of those feelings everyday, but life doesn’t work that way, and we should also know by now why we cant have everything. But this is not how the greedy mind works.

St. Thomas Aquinas wrote that greed was “a sin against God, just as all mortal sins, in as much as man condemns things eternal for the sake of temporal things.”

In Dante’s Purgatory, the penitents were bound and laid face down on the ground for having concentrated too much on earthly thoughts. “Avarice” is more of a blanket term that can describe many other examples of greedy behavior.

Greed also emanates from personal gain, these include disloyalty, deliberate betrayal, or treason through bribery. Scavenging and hoarding of materials or objects, theft and robbery, especially by means of violence, trickery, or manipulation of authority are all actions that may be inspired by greed. The list goes on and on. Its what some people are prepared to do in able to survive and to get through with the troubles they have started with. So what can we do to free ourselves from the grasp of greed, well, temperance and charity are some that could really help us against the deed.

Male’s Equal Rights to Hygiene

“Man does not live by soap alone;

and hygiene, or even health,

is not much good unless you can take a healthy view of it” -Gilbert K. Chesterton

The other night I was visiting a friend of mine in Makati. It was so cold that time that we both decided to do some running exercises a few blocks in his area just to sweat off some calories. After 30 minutes to an hour of running, we feel like we have worked our hearts enough to stop and walk back to his place. Tired from the run, but glad to feel all the sweat running all throughout my body, all i wanted to do was to have a nice relaxing shower. And so I asked my friend if I can use his shower for a little refreshing time. After buying my own soap (of course), I cant wait to feel the refreshing flow of water against my skin. As I entered his comfort room, he gave me some instructions on how to run the hot water, where the shampoo is and all the usual stuff I need to know, until he mentioned this last two words that made me stop and double take on the array of personal effects on his bathroom shelf, Masculine Wash.

I paused for a few seconds but not enough to make him read my puzzled look, so as not to look like some noob, I just nodded and closed the bathroom door. As I scanned curiously at that product, this small blue bottle caught my attention, there it was, marked in those two words that started yet another of those questions that popped into my head, “Where the heck have I been lately?”

Of course I’m not going to further provide you with any details on how I bathed, as i don’t see any reason to do so. I’m not the kind that would be late to know what is the latest in everything, given that I’m always aware of what the media has got to say in all its forms, plus the fact that surfing the net has always been my thing, but not once have I ever ran into a single advertisement of this product. Apparently, these masculine wash has been around since last year, I did some research myself and even saw a commercial about it online.  Before I played the video, I was half smiling while thinking how does an advertisement like that pull off telling men that there’s already a product out there for their intimate part to counter the feminine wash, and how could they convince them in using it. Us men has always thrived in the basic necessities of things. Satisfied with the low maintenance to everything as opposed to women, somehow the modern times has shown some breakthroughs in hygiene products for men. Ranging from deodorants, facial wash, body wash, to skin products, men worldwide are just glad they don’t have to use women’s products to cater to their own good sense of hygiene. But this masculine wash, really had me spinning.

In some studies, A man’s natural sweat helps to release a chemical only found in men that actually triggers sexual arousal in women. The foul odor of bacteria masks the scent of this natural chemical, that staying clean and healthy improves your chances of getting laid. But of course, that is only one of the benefits that come with having a good motivation to be hygienic.

In this one brand of masculine wash, it says that the male skin needs a proper moisture level of PH 7, so they’re probably saying the same with the type of skin men have down there, that naturally men’s skin is more acidic than women’s. That would eventually go to the next benefit that its supposed to clean the male genitalia much more thoroughly compared to the usual soap. As a special feature, they have this tea tree oil as an anti-bacterial agent, formulated to fight germs that cause the unwanted odor and itch. And of course my personal favorite, it leaves that menthol-ey cool feel down there, i could almost imagine men walking with a smile to an almost grin on their face.

Odor wise and skin health wise, somehow these products are also targeting the what the feminine wash has always targeted, and of course they probably should. The amount of time required to wash the male intimate area with the product is at least three minutes. Honestly three minutes is already long enough (even too much) to ensure the product’s effectiveness. I guess Its kinda optional for men, unless if they like spending more time working down under, they can always give the excuse that friction can kill more germs. Maybe I could test the product one of these days to see how it feels but wouldn’t be venturing on the idea to see how the smell differs from using just soap. I wont be bending over to find that out literally if you know what I mean.

Personally, a plain germicidal ordinary soap does almost the same thing. And the male mentality would automatically have that kind of response. But with the health conscious trend that we have at the present, as long as they have some scientific explanation to back it up, then what could hurt if we give it a try. But of course it wont be a promise at whether these kind of products will become part of the basic and must have routines specially with men. I wouldn’t be expecting these products to come flying off the counters in no time. Probably one of the reasons as to why i still haven’t heard about it since its the least popular product out in the market.

Below is the commercial for a brand of Masculine Wash, before you play it, lets keep our mind off the gutter and don’t expect a a shower scene with a focus on any “lather action” at the waist below.